Bridge Loan Services

William Raveis Bridges the Gap

In a competitive real estate market, don't miss out on your dream home just because your current home hasn't sold yet. We will help you bridge the gap.


When to Consider the William Raveis Bridge

The William Raveis Bridge empowers borrowers to access equity from their current home to purchase a new home. Borrowers can gain a competitive advantage in a hot housing market by making a non-contingent offer on the new property.


What is the William Raveis Bridge?

The bridge is a short-term, no monthly payment loan designed to help loosen tight inventory and help you buy your dream home without having to wait to sell your current home. Our team at William Raveis Mortgage will provide consultation on the option that is right for you.

Work With Trisha

Her passion for helping people realize their vision is what drove her to success, and now she is extending that passion into the world of real estate, where she can continue to help facilitate and achieve a person’s dreams.

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